Working principle

CO2 laser galvanometer marking machine utilize the CO2 as the working medium.CO2 laser put high voltage on the pole while CO2 and other assistant gas be pushing into the discharge tube.Later,in the discharge tube will appear glow discharging.After expanding the energy of 10.64um wavelength laser which is released from the gas,scanning by the galvanometer,focusing by the T-Theta lens,the machine can work on the workpiece to mark pictures,words,numbers,lines as you wish under the control of computer and laser marking control card.

Two theory at present:
Heat working:High energy and high consistency laser beam irradiate the surface of the work piece material.Then the surface absorbs the laser energy,The temperature of the surface will rise,then the phenomenon :metamorphosis,
fusion,erosion,evaporation will occur.

Cold working:The high load energy uv photon can break the chemical bond of the material or surrounding medium.This will do non-thermal process damage on the material.The cold working has a particular significance in the laser marking field.It adopts the cold peeling working style which only break the chemical bond without any heat harm side effect.So it won’t make the inside and surrounding area of the working surface being out of shape.For example,in the electronic industry ,people use excimer laser to make chemical substance film be deposited on the basic material,then it can make a narrow groove on the semi-conductor basic substrate.